Another product of public education in rural Oklahoma, this #OklahomaEducator has served students and families in private and public schools in and out of our state.  Her mother was a beloved music teacher in the community, and she witnessed firsthand the power of an educator in creating love for learning, the arts and excellence while giving to the entire community.  In her current position as a college and career office counselor, she does just that.

She’s worn many hats but loved students regardless of her title or position.  She coached a junior high girls’ basketball team to a 6 on 6 state championship (not many people around can say that)!  She taught typing, accounting and business.  She was in both private and public schools and taught in three other states before coming back to Oklahoma.  She made such an impact as a counselor and served as such an incredible mentor that one of her former students wanted to become a counselor.  That counselor does tremendous work for students as well, so the ripple effect continues to build into students’ lives.  In fact, that counselor sits in the same office and they serve students and families together!

She’s written THOUSANDS of recommendation letters for students.  She’s helped students receive MILLIONS of dollars in scholarships.  She’s helped them through the admissions process and dealing with disappointment when the offer from the dream school didn’t come through.  She’s made it a mission to help students find pathways to their futures in their careers or their schooling, particularly those who may face disadvantages and challenges.  

This educator is a true champion for all.  She’s a kid magnet.  She has students in her office all day long.  Sometimes they are there for questions and advice.  Sometimes they are there working on classwork.  Sometimes they are there because she is an incredible calming and encouraging presence to be around.  Sometimes they are there because she brought treats to celebrate an achievement or a competition or a birthday.  Sometimes it is all of the above.

Paula, you don’t have to do this job.  You do it because you are called.  You do it because you care.  You do it with excellence and every student deserves a counselor like you.  Thank you Paula for pouring into the lives of our young people.  Thank you for being a problem solver who is always thinking about how we can do it better.  Thank you for your high expectations for yourself and others and your willingness to tell it like it is while working towards how it should be. Thank you for being a role model and an inspiration for so many who also serve as an #Oklahoma Educator

I bet you know a counselor or teacher like Paula.  Let’s hear your stories and share them to celebrate the outstanding #OklahomaEducator

2 thoughts on “An outstanding educator from Oklahoma and for all Ok kids!

  1. Growing up with Paula as a neighbor, her passion and competitiveness was evident as a child. Not only did she learn from her mom, she also learned from her dad leadership skills during his time as the mayor of our hometown.
    Her personality and charisma has always been magnetic. That has attracted so many students to follow her advice over the years.

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