Do it for the Disengaged!

What I never want to hear….“school sucks.”  Or even worse, “my school sucks.”  I don’t believe that teenagers are naturally apathetic.  I think apathy and disengagement are learned behaviors or defense mechanisms deployed out of necessity.  When children start school, they have dreams of what their lives could be.  If they lose hope by the time…Read more Do it for the Disengaged!

A promise delayed or a promise broken?

I remember the day fairly strongly even though I was around 8 or 9 years old.  My aunt was taking me to the movies, and to the best of my recollection, this is the only one she took my cousins and me to.  We went to see Oliver!, a re-release prior to the rise of…Read more A promise delayed or a promise broken?

Who is in and who is out?

There’s a controversy in my state.  It’s all over the news reports on each television station with reporters getting comments from both those directly involved and those on the periphery.  Social media is blowing up with posts from those incensed from injustice as well as those who justify where we find ourselves.  It is affecting…Read more Who is in and who is out?

It’s there whether you see it or not

Although I never read the book by H. G. Wells, I loved watching old movies and newer remakes of The Invisible Man.  I remember growing up one of the local TV stations ran an afternoon matinee on Sundays of science fiction and horror movies, and I remember "watching" Claude Rains in that role in the…Read more It’s there whether you see it or not