The urgent need to lean in

This is part of a message that I shared with staff last Friday.  It is not intended to be political in nature although I am certain some are ready to demand specific political actions.  It is not to be intended to be dismissive of the enormous pain and suffering people are feeling both in Florida…Read more The urgent need to lean in

How do you remember your why?

Punxsutawney Phil broke the news to us that winter isn't over, and the photographs and news stories so far this morning have demonstrated that reality for much of the country.  In my city, the temperature was in the upper 60's yesterday, yet today there are winter weather advisories for much of the area.  As an…Read more How do you remember your why?

It’s there whether you see it or not

Although I never read the book by H. G. Wells, I loved watching old movies and newer remakes of The Invisible Man.  I remember growing up one of the local TV stations ran an afternoon matinee on Sundays of science fiction and horror movies, and I remember "watching" Claude Rains in that role in the…Read more It’s there whether you see it or not

What words are you living by?

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a learning tour through the National School Board Association's Education Technology Site Visit hosted by the Greenville County Schools in Greenville, South Carolina.  I was part of a team of educators from my home district and as we listened, observed, walked and talked, we were inspired to…Read more What words are you living by?

Do it for the connections

We've heard the saying and probably uttered it often, that there's no need to reinvent the wheel.  We know many inventors and their creations like the Wright brothers and the first airflight,  Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone, and even Benjamin Franklin and bifocals.  We have no records on who invented the wheel, yet we realize how…Read more Do it for the connections

Officer Sander did it for them, so I can too

This week I witnessed a solemn celebration of the contributions of one of my school district's true servants.  I was proud to know and work with Officer Myron Sander.  I often spent time visiting with him and did so in the parking lot as I was leaving just a few days before his passing.  It…Read more Officer Sander did it for them, so I can too