Do it for the connections

We've heard the saying and probably uttered it often, that there's no need to reinvent the wheel.  We know many inventors and their creations like the Wright brothers and the first airflight,  Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone, and even Benjamin Franklin and bifocals.  We have no records on who invented the wheel, yet we realize how…Read more Do it for the connections

Officer Sander did it for them, so I can too

This week I witnessed a solemn celebration of the contributions of one of my school district's true servants.  I was proud to know and work with Officer Myron Sander.  I often spent time visiting with him and did so in the parking lot as I was leaving just a few days before his passing.  It…Read more Officer Sander did it for them, so I can too

Do it for the real MVP

It's not necessarily a good idea to compliment Kevin Durant in my state.  The 2013-2014 most valuable player in the NBA left the Oklahoma City Thunder to play for the Golden State Warriors.  Lots of fans here took that news hard, but here's one thing KD nailed better than a buzzer beater.  In his acceptance…Read more Do it for the real MVP